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Developer & Creator

Hi, I'm Aaron. I am a front-end developer based in Toronto. I started my programming journey in ninth grade learning ActionScript to make terrible flash games. I just recently graduated from HackerYou (Canada's first accredited web-dev bootcamp!). I love coding, designing, and making things awesome.

In my free time I keep my code-teeth sharp with my several on-going development projects as well as maintaining development and design at Inverted Axes.

I'm currently looking for my next big step forward. Let's get in touch!



JavaScript / ES6




Git & Github


Legendary Guides

Legendary Guides is a quick reference guide for Champions from the game League of Legends. It makes use of the Riot Games API to keep up to date.


Knowt is a note keeping application built with React, ES6 and Firebase. It's currently in beta and is in active development.

Fake News Generator

Fake News Generator is a collaborative JavaScript/JQuery project created with Darshana Sen. Choose your topic and level of outrageousness and we'll generate a fake news story!


Modern is a fully responsive and pixel perfect PSD conversion. It's made in HTML5 and CSS3.


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I'm always just a keyboard away.

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